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Elevate your morning ritual

Our potent superfood blends will give you the focus, energy and boost you need to seize the day. Add 1 tsp per cup to your favorite morning beverage and stir or blend for balanced energy and no more caffeine crashes.

Enhance your food

Easy superfood boost

Add to your smoothies, spread on a warm piece of toast or drizzle over ice cream to add potent superfoods and a delicious indulgence to your everyday foods.

Workout Boost

Your energy gel, reimagined! 

Meet the energy gel every athlete has been dreaming of. What makes our honeyblends so different?
-They're packed with superfoods
-Balanced with healthy fats for sustained energy
-They taste delicious
-Addition of CBD improves body awareness (Gold Label)


Powerblend Hot Chocolate Recipe

How to make an easy, nourishing and delicious hot chocolate using just 2 ingredients; our Cacao Powerblend and nut, regular milk or water.

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Meet the Alchemist!

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