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A Mission to Heal

Manuka Mana’s story began 6 years ago when, at only 32, Josiah suffered a mini stroke – brought on by concussions he’d had as a teenager. The recommendation we received from doctors – to take a daily dose of baby aspirin and hope it didn’t happen again – left much to be desired.

We took it upon ourselves to learn how to heal Josiah’s brain. When we stumbled upon the research for Lions Mane mushroom, we were instantly inspired. We became obsessed with how to source, extract, and consume Lions Mane mushroom. 

We strove to create a Lions Mane mushroom supplement as delicious as it was potent. Which is what inspired us to use Manuka honey as the base of our blends – its natural sweetness, and powerful medicinal properties made it the perfect glue for our formulations. 

After 5 years of dreaming and formulating, we launched Manuka Mana in August 2021.

We have learned from this business journey that we are not alone. Over the years, we have met countless others along the way in similar situations as us, having experienced head injuries and lacking direction regarding what steps to take to heal. Hearing these stories is what drives us.

What began from a desire to heal Josiah’s brain has bloomed into so much more – a mission driven business that serves, not just us, but our beautiful community, for which we are so grateful. 

Our Promise for the planet

We are inspired to share life enhancing products all while protecting Mother Earth. All of our products are made with sustainable practices and packaging so that our children and their friends can enjoy the beauty of running through a forest, surfing in clean ocean waters, and breathing in fresh mountain air. Now, let's keep charging!

"No one is you and that is your power."


Questions or Comments?

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