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Bundle of Propolis DEFEND Honey Spray

Get a 4 pack bundle of your ultimate body armor in a bottle!  Made with a mixture of propolis, manuka honey, and our mushroom trilogy, it is a combination of natures most powerful ingredients in a convenient spray.  The smooth peppermint and honey aftertaste leaves your mouth feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.  Loved by kids and adults, it is a great family immunity booster for travel, change of seasons, school and everyday life. 

You will love this bundle pack to have a spray in various places around your home, office and car.  Try placing one in your bathroom, office, kitchen, car, purse or kids backpacks so you get your "on the go" immunity boost whenever and wherever your life takes you.


  • Manuka Honey: Natures most powerful honey.  With more antiviral and antibacterial properties than any other honey, it is world renowned for its immune boosting benefits.
  • Propolis:  Propolis means “Protection for the City” and is used by bees to boost the health of the hive. For humans, it is one of natures most powerful defenses.
  • Mushroom Stack: 
    • Lions Mane- Superfood for your brain
    • Chaga- Highest antioxidant source on the planet
    • Reishi- Anti-inflammatory and promotes healing 


By using a sublingual spray mechanism, absorption is via oral mucosa directly into the mouth, throat and bloodstream, which is fast and dependable.  The oral spray is not processed by the digestive system and liver as a metabolite so you feel the results faster.  

In a purse and travel friendly sizes, you can stash them around your house, car or at your office for a quick boost when you need it! 

Take 4 sprays daily for immune support. Take up to 5 doses when you need an immunity boost, are traveling, lack of sleep or increased stress.

Spring Water, New Zealand Manuka Honey, Propolis Extract (Bee propolis, Alcohol*), Mushroom Tincture (Lions Mane**, Reishi**, Chaga**, Spring Water, Alcohol*), Peppermint Oil.

*Organic Ingredients
**Wild Harvested